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Are the doors of your uni open or shut?

Tweet   By Sharon Kerr  and Kylie Colvin First Published on the L H Martin Institute Insights Blog (based at the University of Melbourne) on the 1st September 2014 Recently Samantha Alexander made international headlines. Stories in Australian and British media told

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Go on – just do it! Remove the barriers to education for people with disabilities.

Disability advocates globally are trying to convince governments and businesses that meeting the needs of people with disabilities is in the National best interest. The underlying assumption with this, is that commitment to equity of access to education, employment and life

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Meeting the needs of students with disabilities is core business to Higher Education

In these times when we are looking for efficiencies in our institutional budgets, it may be tempting to consider support for students with a disability as a nice to have – a benevolence that we were able to indulge in

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Launch of Global Access Project – 15th of May



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Universities meeting global accessibility requirements makes sound business sense.

Media Access Australia this week highlighted new measures that have been adopted in China to ensure that students with disabilities are given full access to Higher Education. They cite Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that declares

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What’s your question? White questions Black Answers …

In Australia this year we have been told that our nation’s bipartisan policies, activities and programs aimed at closing the gap between opportunity, wealth and wellbeing of non-Indigenous Australians and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people have failed. The

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We Can Make it Happen


In Indonesia there are over 20 million people with disabilities, 17% of these have acquired disability through natural disaster such as tsunami or earthquake. Until last year very few people with disability were permitted to enter Higher Education. Even if

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In search of Answers

As a research student I am embarking upon this new project. As this research involves Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, and I am a non-Indigneous researcher, in the spirit of openness I intend to share via this blog and

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